Day 80, Taking a break from the break!

9 days have passed since I posted my previous update. In that time I’ve done very little to maintain whatever fitness and weight loss I’ve achieved so far. There were a few days when I stuck to my macros and other days when, at the very least, I got enough protein. But otherwise everything has stopped and I’m ready for it to start again.

The biggest problem over the past few days has been the pain in my neck and shoulders. At this point it’s almost gone away so I’m a little apprehensive to start up at the gym on Monday because I don’t want to aggravate anything. I keep promising myself that I will do more yoga but it hasn’t happened yet. It seems that I only do yoga and stretch when something hurts instead of to prevent something from hurting.

This weekend will be chock full of more parties and bad food and I probably won’t say no to most of it. But hopefully by Sunday the novelty of junk food will have worn off and the guilt will set in and I’ll be set to go full force again on Monday morning.  Until then I have 2 goals.

  • Eat my macros tomorrow and Sunday
  • Do yoga tonight, tomorrow and Sunday

That’s it. Should be easy right…?


Day 40, Diet Break

I didn’t diverge too much. I just decided that I didn’t want the burden of logging food.  I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

Since I worked from home today, I wasn’t able to lift weights at the gym. Instead I spent 30 minutes with Kasandra and her Yoga for Weight Lifters video. This was just the break I needed to stretch out and loosen up. The routine is great and not overwhelmingly difficult or complex.

In and ideal world I would do this workout every day. For now I will shoot for twice a week! Tomorrow I go running again.

Day 36, The emotional roller-coaster of dieting!

As promised I have tracked everything I’ve eaten over the past 3 days in MFP so that I could post the totals here. Friday and Saturday started out fine but the late evening hours always seem to screw everything up for me. In some cases I am legitimately hungry but otherwise I’m just bored. The other problem is that for some reason drinking some protein or eating a salad that late in the evening never appeals to me.

Here is Friday. The overage is directly related to the half-bag of jelly beans that I ate.


Here is Saturday. Everything looking good until I opened the chips.


Yesterday was odd. I fasted in the morning like I normally do, but when lunch came I wasn’t that hungry. By the end of the day I was eating within a calorie/protein deficit that I never pulled myself out of. I also went to bed early!


Meanwhile I also took my measurements yesterday and I’ve lost 2.5 inches off my waist since I started. Also my weight on the scale has been basically the same (+1/-1 back and forth), but my pants seem to fit looser.

This morning I wasn’t very psyched about squatting 190. Despite getting a good amount of sleep last night I was feeling pretty worn out and initially decided that I would just drop my work set to 135 and work on my form. But once I warmed up I was feeling pretty strong and ended up doing 190 x 5 x 3. Bench was difficult because of my sore shoulder I missed a rep on the last set of 180 (basically out of fear that I might drop the bar), so I will try that weight again next week.

I took so long on the squats between warm up and rest periods that I didn’t have time for barbell rows. So I went back at lunch to do them and added a bit of stretching afterward. I broke my fast early (10 am) so that I would have a bit of energy to head back to the gym for the 2nd time.

This week I want to add 2 cardio sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) and also try to fit in a 30 minute yoga routine at least once (but preferably twice). I basically decided over the weekend with all my aches and soreness that I’m not going to lift much heavier if I don’t do something to increase my mobility and the yoga should help.