Day 63, Holiday Diet Regrets.

From a dieting standpoint I’d like to try and put this weekend behind me and just move on.

peanut-butter-marshmallow-krispie-brownieSaturday was my first attempt at a no carb (read: “low carb”) day. This first attempt coincided with the first of 3 days of picnics and get-togethers where the carbs flow fast and free! For the most part, I did very well on Saturday. I allowed myself a beer but ate raw veggies instead of chips and my dogs and burgers had no buns. Then dessert came. My wife decided to make what I have now dubbed “Devil Brownies”, which are cocoa rice crispy treats on top of a fudge brownie held together with marshmallow fluff. I call them “Devil Brownies” because once you eat one the devil rises up from hell and laughs at your feeble attempts to control yourself and not eat any more. I had 3. But despite my best efforts prior to this dessert debacle, it was 9pm and I was still short about 80 grams of protein for the day.

Devil 1, Diet 0

Sunday, I awoke to find the devil had slept over and got me started on eating more of his brownies as early as 10 in the morning. By 2pm the remaining brownies were locked in Tupperware inside a bag tied very tightly on the highest shelf of the kitchen. I had eaten somewhere around 6 more. With my diet considered ruined for the day I surrendered to a dinner of pizza, fries and mojitos.

Devil 2, Diet 0

Monday, memorial day proper and a picnic at my mom’s pool. I decided to put my best foot forward and eat according to my training day macros (175p/200c/30f). Let me tell ya, that big 200 number next to the carbs really gives you some breathing room at a picnic. After a sensible breakfast and a bag of protein chips to squash the mid day snacking urge, I kept myself busy with the kids and the pool and only snacked a little before dinner. By the end of the day I was just under on calories and carbs (even considering the 2 mojitos… damn they’re delicious when it’s hot out!) but once again, very lacking in protein.

Devil 2, Diet 0 (I consider Monday to be a push. The devil didn’t win, but neither did I…)

So now here I am on a Tuesday morning, armed with renewed motivation and a shit-ton of high protein foods. All my meals are planned out and I should be able to stay under 50 grams of carbs today. But it’s a lot of freaking work! I feel the need to plan better.

2015-05-25 11.50.09But I try to never end a blog post on the negative. And yesterday I can honestly say that I felt a little better about having my shirt off. The various pictures of me by the pool didn’t invoke my normal “Yuch!” reaction, which surprised me a little bit. Seeing these photos makes me regret that I didn’t try harder for the past 6 weeks. But there is progress and a good foundation of strength to build on. Now the real challenge is not to lose focus despite all of temptations that come with the summertime mindset…


Day 13, What Happened?

The scale is a finicky beast, reading 209 this morning! Of all the things that contribute to me abandoning a program, it’s the emotional swings of the scale. I won’t quit this time though. I just need to remember that as much as I enjoy seeing the scale go down 3 pounds overnight, I have to expect that it will go up 3 pounds overnight too!

Yesterday was the first of many diet challenges for the weekend. I took the kids to the movies and then to dinner at On the Border. In planning for this, I calculated exactly what I could eat in order to stay within my macros. But this is harder in reality than it is on paper.  I had a few too many handfuls of popcorn and a few too many chips and ended up 300 calories over, the majority coming from extra fat.

Tonight is dinner with friends, which will include drinks. My plan is to fast normally and the only eat protein and fat until dinner. We’ll see how that goes.   2015-04-03 22.59.59

In other news, I found a seriously good deal on combat crunch bars at With shipping I got 3 boxes for $75. That’s $30 cheaper than anywhere else and comes down to $2 a bar. Considering that these taste like a Nestle Crunch mixed with a Reese’s, I will be very happy to eat them for the next 6 weeks! 

Day 9, Chip Attack!

Scale read 208 this morning.

Today I worked from home, which is always an adventure in dieting because I don’t really plan my meals for the day. One of the benefits of working from home is that I can just walk upstairs to kitchen and make whatever I want.

chipsI fasted until noon and then had a big lunch. Once I finished working for the day there was about an hour before dinner was ready. This was the hour of temptation! I glanced in the pantry and found an open bag of chips. But not just any chips. The superbly delicious new flavor Kettle Brand chips which I had purchased over the weekend on an impulse and managed to avoid until today. With the bag open and several other people in the house sampling a few, it wasn’t long before one handful turned into 5 or 6 and the bag was gone!

So this brings up an interesting question. Is it better to stay within your calorie allowance for the day even if you don’t hit all your macros? My chip attack didn’t blow me over my calorie limit, but I put me over the carb limit and left me 15 grams under for protein. I may be micro-managing here a bit.

Despite my chip attack, the rest of the day went well and I was happy to be home and close to my family all day.

Back to the gym tomorrow for more squatting!