Day 3, Bench and Carbs!

Didn’t snap a pic of the scale today but it read 207, which is down 1.4 pounds from yesterday. Meanwhile after my workout the scale at the gym read 205 and both of these scales are usually in sync. IΒ take these drops in weight with a grain of salt, but it’s still encouraging. I fully expect to see my weight go back up to 210 by the end of the week, although it would be a nice surprise if it didn’t.

2015-03-25 07.17.44The gym was definitely less crowded today compared to Monday. Most of the kiddies are on spring break so I really only saw the normal die-hards who usually clear out by 7:15. They installed a new platform for the Olympic lifts which is pretty nice. Wednesday is bench press day and I spent about 20 minutes getting in my 5×5 at 160 pounds. Then I did 4 sets of push ups using 10 pound weights as grips to keep my palms off the floor. I prefer this because normal push ups hurt my wrists. Surprisingly I cranked out 15 reps on the first set which is more than I expected considering all the bench work I had already done. I grew steadily weaker from there.

My soundtrack for the day was Infestissumam by Ghost BC. Not exactly the sound I was looking for today, but it worked for the most part. I seem to be very picky about my gym music. Regardless of genre it has to have a certain amount of emotional power for me, but metal and hard rock are the usual suspects.

So now the big challenge is waiting another 3.5 hours until I can eat lunch. This is usually broken up by drinking coffee and taking my second dose of BCAAs at 10 am. My diet consists of the exact same thing as Monday. Not very creative but at least the macros will be easy to calculate. Tonight we’re having tacos for dinner so I’ve saved up enough calories to have 4 tacos and some chips too.