Day 17, I Feel Amazing!!

What a difference a day makes. Today’s workout was fantastic.

2015-04-08 07.01.19Squats: 145 x 5 x 3

Still having some discomfort in the shoulder area from the placement of the bar, but nothing too distracting. I’m really starting to get the hang of the movement especially the idea of not pausing at the bottom, which causes me to lose momentum and then I press more with my legs instead of my hips to get back up. (Note: I just realized after adding the photo that I only did 145 instead of 155 like I had planned!)

Bench: 170 x 5 x 3

I’ve been observing the trend to arch the back when benching and I’ve tried it a few times. It seems a bit foreign to me since I’ve been benching with a flat back for so long. Today I set up the safeties and then realized that I needed to arch my back a little in order for the bar to to hit my chest instead of the safeties.

Deadlift: 215 x 5 x 1 (NEW PR!)

This one is pretty funny. After warming up with 135 x 5, I loaded the bar with 2 25 plates, 2 10 plates and 2 5 plates. Thinking I was about to do 210, I added the bracers and then realized that I had calculated wrong. But I decided it was time for a challenge and since it was my last set of the day I kept the weight on and pushed through 215. This is my all time best for deadlift. And now I’m only 1 or 2 workouts away from double 45s!

Weight: 206!

The effect of my indulgences over the weekend seem to have dissipated and the scale is behaving again. I did a bit of reading and now I understand that the rapid weight gain or loss due to water weight is usually linked to sodium intake. Even with calories and macros in check, a high carb heavily salted meal will increase water retention. So the bottom line is to:

  1. Stay consistent with the eating plan and limit indulgences as much as possible
  2. Weigh yourself regularly and take the average combined with measurements to gauge progress

And just in case all of this wasn’t enough to celebrate, today is CARB DAY!


Day 15, Lots of Thoughts… Little Time

A busy Monday morning has creeped into the afternoon and I still haven’t blogged about my day until now. I have a lot going on in my head with regard to the 2 weeks that are behind me and the 10 that follow. But mostly I’m still a little hung up on the 3 pound weight gain over the weekend.

Thinking about it logically, 3 pounds = 10,500 calories. Now, I did relax my diet restrictions a bit this weekend, but there’s no way I ate an EXTRA 10k calories since Friday morning. In fact, my total calories from Friday morning until this morning didn’t TOTAL 10K. Of course this logic also applies to weight loss. Going from 208 to 205 in 3 days does not necessarily mean that I’ve burned an extra 10K calories either.

The scale is not the final word on weight loss, and yes muscle weight more than fat and takes up less space. But the bottom line is that I still want to be 20 pounds down at the end of 12 weeks and only being down 2 pounds after 2 weeks has a bit of a negative affect on my motivation.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I eating too much or not enough? Should I change something? These are the questions I constantly ask myself when I don’t see progress. But this time I’m not going to change anything (other than being a bit stricter with my diet adherence).

I’m not big on cliches, especially ones that are supposed to inspire your fitness program, but the one I heard the other day that really hit home with me is:

  • It takes 4 weeks for you to see progress
  • It takes 8 weeks for your friends/family to see progress
  • It takes 12 weeks for the world to see progress

So I’m going to keep my head down for the next two weeks and then come up for air and see if anything needs tweaking.

2015-04-06 07.32.07
New PR – 205!

In other news, my workout was great this morning!

  • Squat: 150 x 5 x 3
  • OP: 75 x 5 x 3
  • Deadlift 205 x 5 x 1 (New PR!)

I was really happy with my squats. I found some momentum during the 3rd workset which helped me push up out of the bottom with a little more power. I think I’ll need to keep working on that as the weight gets heavier.

2015-04-06 12.24.44Today was the first day of legitimately nice weather in Philly. I’m looking forward to doing some steady state cardio on my non-lifting days once the weather stays consistent.

Day 14, Could I really be hungover??

4 margaritas over a 3 hour span seems pretty normal, but I was a mess during the overnight hours. And now I’m nursing a bit of a hangover this morning.

But there’s good news to counter all of this. The digital scale in my bathroom is dead and I’m so glad because it is a huge source of anxiety for me. So I’ve decided that my weigh in will always be on a Monday morning after working out and I will take my measurements on Sunday.

And so the other good news is that I’ve lost inches in just about every place but my quads (which actually went up by an inch). So it seems like I just need to keep doing what I’m doing…

Unfortunately there’s not much time to write any more than this today. Busy day of driving, visiting, Easter egg hunts and avoiding chocolate. Wish me luck.

Day 13, What Happened?

The scale is a finicky beast, reading 209 this morning! Of all the things that contribute to me abandoning a program, it’s the emotional swings of the scale. I won’t quit this time though. I just need to remember that as much as I enjoy seeing the scale go down 3 pounds overnight, I have to expect that it will go up 3 pounds overnight too!

Yesterday was the first of many diet challenges for the weekend. I took the kids to the movies and then to dinner at On the Border. In planning for this, I calculated exactly what I could eat in order to stay within my macros. But this is harder in reality than it is on paper.  I had a few too many handfuls of popcorn and a few too many chips and ended up 300 calories over, the majority coming from extra fat.

Tonight is dinner with friends, which will include drinks. My plan is to fast normally and the only eat protein and fat until dinner. We’ll see how that goes.   2015-04-03 22.59.59

In other news, I found a seriously good deal on combat crunch bars at With shipping I got 3 boxes for $75. That’s $30 cheaper than anywhere else and comes down to $2 a bar. Considering that these taste like a Nestle Crunch mixed with a Reese’s, I will be very happy to eat them for the next 6 weeks! 

Day -2, Always Be Weighing

IMG_4438Starting every day with the scale and a photo is probably overkill, but it helps to reinforce the habit of staying focused on the goals for the next 12 weeks.

Today’s plan: more prep. Need to write my goals, assess my strength at the gym and pilot the workout day diet. New shoes and protein will arrive tomorrow. Also need to get one or 2 more shaker bottles for the office, but that might be a weekend task.