Day 37. I can’t really tell.

On a whim I snapped a front shot of myself in the mirror at the gym yesterday. Comparing this to my front shots a month ago and from February, I’m not really seeing much of a difference. Part of the problem is that they’ve all been taken in different places at different times and with different lighting. But I would hope that I would see *SOMETHING* change. Looks like it’s time to start pushing the cardio!

February 2nd 2015

Chris Bellis 2015-02-02 - Front

March 22nd 2015
(7 weeks later and 3 weeks of no lifting)

2015-03-22 08.58.47

April 28th 2015
(5 weeks later)

2015-04-27 12.10.09

In this latest pic I appear to be a little more muscular but I think part of it is the shadows. Am I just being too critical? Does anyone see a difference?


Forgot to add my macros from yesterday:


On the surface these seem great until you do the math:

(242 x 4) + (57 * 9) + (168 * 4) = 2153, NOT 2058.

It’s hard to say whether MFP has calculation problems or if it’s just an issue with the user submitted data. UGH! Now I need to go back and check the rest…


Day 36, The emotional roller-coaster of dieting!

As promised I have tracked everything I’ve eaten over the past 3 days in MFP so that I could post the totals here. Friday and Saturday started out fine but the late evening hours always seem to screw everything up for me. In some cases I am legitimately hungry but otherwise I’m just bored. The other problem is that for some reason drinking some protein or eating a salad that late in the evening never appeals to me.

Here is Friday. The overage is directly related to the half-bag of jelly beans that I ate.


Here is Saturday. Everything looking good until I opened the chips.


Yesterday was odd. I fasted in the morning like I normally do, but when lunch came I wasn’t that hungry. By the end of the day I was eating within a calorie/protein deficit that I never pulled myself out of. I also went to bed early!


Meanwhile I also took my measurements yesterday and I’ve lost 2.5 inches off my waist since I started. Also my weight on the scale has been basically the same (+1/-1 back and forth), but my pants seem to fit looser.

This morning I wasn’t very psyched about squatting 190. Despite getting a good amount of sleep last night I was feeling pretty worn out and initially decided that I would just drop my work set to 135 and work on my form. But once I warmed up I was feeling pretty strong and ended up doing 190 x 5 x 3. Bench was difficult because of my sore shoulder I missed a rep on the last set of 180 (basically out of fear that I might drop the bar), so I will try that weight again next week.

I took so long on the squats between warm up and rest periods that I didn’t have time for barbell rows. So I went back at lunch to do them and added a bit of stretching afterward. I broke my fast early (10 am) so that I would have a bit of energy to head back to the gym for the 2nd time.

This week I want to add 2 cardio sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) and also try to fit in a 30 minute yoga routine at least once (but preferably twice). I basically decided over the weekend with all my aches and soreness that I’m not going to lift much heavier if I don’t do something to increase my mobility and the yoga should help.