Day 14, Could I really be hungover??

4 margaritas over a 3 hour span seems pretty normal, but I was a mess during the overnight hours. And now I’m nursing a bit of a hangover this morning.

But there’s good news to counter all of this. The digital scale in my bathroom is dead and I’m so glad because it is a huge source of anxiety for me. So I’ve decided that my weigh in will always be on a Monday morning after working out and I will take my measurements on Sunday.

And so the other good news is that I’ve lost inches in just about every place but my quads (which actually went up by an inch). So it seems like I just need to keep doing what I’m doing…

Unfortunately there’s not much time to write any more than this today. Busy day of driving, visiting, Easter egg hunts and avoiding chocolate. Wish me luck.


Day Zero, Weight, Photo and Measurements

2015-03-22 08.55.49Last day of prep and that means taking a starting photo and getting all the important measurements.

  • Weight: 210
  • Waist (below navel): 41
  • Waist (at navel): 40
  • Waist (above navel): 37
  • Chest: 41
  • Neck: 16
  • Bicep: 15
  • Quad: 24.5

I don’t have calipers, but these measurements along with my height put me around 25-27% body fat.

And now for the most embarrassing part, the starting photo:

2015-03-22 08.58.47