Day 80, Taking a break from the break!

9 days have passed since I posted my previous update. In that time I’ve done very little to maintain whatever fitness and weight loss I’ve achieved so far. There were a few days when I stuck to my macros and other days when, at the very least, I got enough protein. But otherwise everything has stopped and I’m ready for it to start again.

The biggest problem over the past few days has been the pain in my neck and shoulders. At this point it’s almost gone away so I’m a little apprehensive to start up at the gym on Monday because I don’t want to aggravate anything. I keep promising myself that I will do more yoga but it hasn’t happened yet. It seems that I only do yoga and stretch when something hurts instead of to prevent something from hurting.

This weekend will be chock full of more parties and bad food and I probably won’t say no to most of it. But hopefully by Sunday the novelty of junk food will have worn off and the guilt will set in and I’ll be set to go full force again on Monday morning.  Until then I have 2 goals.

  • Eat my macros tomorrow and Sunday
  • Do yoga tonight, tomorrow and Sunday

That’s it. Should be easy right…?


Day -3, afternoon – Say Goodbye to Vending Machines

The irony is that I took this photo ahead of time and then didn’t have enough time to stop at the vending machine before leaving to catch the train. The plan was to get the worst snack possible. So now I’ll need to try to make up for it tonight.

The irony of the irony is that my train is 8 minutes late and I would have had enough time to stop at the vending machine.

One of the many habits I need to crush is my emotional need to have a snack after work and the vending machine is a huge temptation especially now that I can pay using my phone!!