Day 87, AC Joint Injury

Getting old sucks!

At the beginning of this adventure I had a lot of pain in my right knee. This miraculously went away after 8 weeks doing of squats and apparently that’s not a coincidence. As my quads get stronger they take some of the pressure off the knees.

Then, a week after my 225 squat I popped my left hip. It seems to be almost 100% better but still a little sore depending how I move.

But now the big problem is my shoulders which are both sore and causing me pain in different ways. I haven’t worked them in the gym for 2 weeks now and after going to see the doctor this morning the verdict is that my right shoulder has a Labrum tear and my my left shoulder has an inflamed AC joint. I received a cortisone injection in the left shoulder and hope to be pain free by next week.

But now of course comes the bigger problem… How do I get back to where I was 2 weeks ago? Is it even possible to continue on the same program where 2 out of 5 exercises involve pushing? It looks like I may have to change up my lifting philosophy to focus on hypertrophy instead of strength. The doctor told me to avoid overhead pressing, benching with a bar and lifting to failure. So it looks like a whole new workout is in order. Squats and deads will prevail tho!

I have work to do…


Day 80, Taking a break from the break!

9 days have passed since I posted my previous update. In that time I’ve done very little to maintain whatever fitness and weight loss I’ve achieved so far. There were a few days when I stuck to my macros and other days when, at the very least, I got enough protein. But otherwise everything has stopped and I’m ready for it to start again.

The biggest problem over the past few days has been the pain in my neck and shoulders. At this point it’s almost gone away so I’m a little apprehensive to start up at the gym on Monday because I don’t want to aggravate anything. I keep promising myself that I will do more yoga but it hasn’t happened yet. It seems that I only do yoga and stretch when something hurts instead of to prevent something from hurting.

This weekend will be chock full of more parties and bad food and I probably won’t say no to most of it. But hopefully by Sunday the novelty of junk food will have worn off and the guilt will set in and I’ll be set to go full force again on Monday morning.  Until then I have 2 goals.

  • Eat my macros tomorrow and Sunday
  • Do yoga tonight, tomorrow and Sunday

That’s it. Should be easy right…?

Day 66 Part 2, Good News and Bad News

Bad news first, always bad news first.

In short, something popped in my left hip as I attempted to squat 215. It was the last warm up set and I was going for depth for just one rep. It wasn’t debilitating, just not a normal feeling. I rested for 3 minutes, stretched and put 225 on the bar. With 30 seconds left in my rest I looked at the bar and said, “Are you crazy? If 215 pops your hip out, what do you think 225 is going to do?!” So I pulled off a plate and tried to squat 135…

No go dude. Time to quit.

Part of the problem is that everything is sore. My traps, delts, lats, lower back and knees. Clearly this is fucking with my form. Ok, I get the message. Time to take a break.

And now the good news. I always remember that one of the benchmarks of strength is to be able to bench your own weight. Well, today that happened!

  • 200 x 5
  • 200 x 6
  • 205 x 4

Ok, technically I didn’t bench my weight because I currently weigh 207, but who cares!

So lets see where we are. On May 15th I set the following goals:

  • Weight: 203 (-7)
  • Squat: 235 (+20)
  • Bench: 200 (+10)
  • Press: 115 (+10)
  • Dead: 275 (+20)

In retrospect it appears that these were a little too optimistic. Here’s what reality will likely look like by June 3rd (the last day of lifting before my break).

  • Weight: 205
  • Squat: 225
  • Bench: 205
  • Press: 115
  • Dead: 270

But anything can happen between now and then so I really need to spend the next 2 days focusing on diet, rest and stretching.