Day -1, Morning – The Long Fast

2015-03-21 07.05.49

Had to get up at 4:30 to do something for work, so needles to say that by now I’m pretty effing hungry! But seeing that scale go up has made it easier.

Today is a low calorie, low carb, high fat day so it will be an extra challenge to keep the junk food at bay while hitting my protein targets.


Day -3, Morning – Say Goodbye to Breakfast!

2015-03-19 07.53.38So this is my first post which commemorates my last breakfast for the next 12 weeks.ย Tomorrow is my “soft launch” for Leangains (IF) which properly begins on Monday. I decided to give myself one warm up workout (tomorrow) and 3 days of IF before firing the starting gun.

Unlike previous attempts at blogging, I’m not going to fill up the first post with a shit-ton of background information. Instead, my history, analysis and decision making processes will be sprinkled in with the daily posts when appropriate.

Today is day negative 3 and the goal is prep. I will eat whatever I want and ensure that I have everything in place to blog daily for the next 12 weeks. I will also total my calories and macros for today’s binge (just for fun)…