Day 14, Could I really be hungover??

4 margaritas over a 3 hour span seems pretty normal, but I was a mess during the overnight hours. And now I’m nursing a bit of a hangover this morning.

But there’s good news to counter all of this. The digital scale in my bathroom is dead and I’m so glad because it is a huge source of anxiety for me. So I’ve decided that my weigh in will always be on a Monday morning after working out and I will take my measurements on Sunday.

And so the other good news is that I’ve lost inches in just about every place but my quads (which actually went up by an inch). So it seems like I just need to keep doing what I’m doing…

Unfortunately there’s not much time to write any more than this today. Busy day of driving, visiting, Easter egg hunts and avoiding chocolate. Wish me luck.


Day 12, Squats and “Chocolate Day”

Happy Friday! Home scale: 206. Gym scale: 205.

2015-04-03 07.19.276 days of strength training are in the books. Today was a very good day for progress. I continue to work on my squat form and added another 5 pounds since Wednesday. Here’s a video of my first work set. Still seeing my heels come up, but pretty happy with my form otherwise.

The biggest problem for me with squats is getting use to how uncomfortable the bar feels down low. My shoulder blades are sore and my wrists feel strained when I pull the bar off the rack.

So after 2 weeks of training my numbers are:

  • Squat: 145
  • Bench: 165
  • Deadlift: 195
  • Press: 70

Progressing linearly means my numbers *should* look like this by the half-way point:

  • Squat: 200
  • Bench: 190
  • Deadlift: 215 (assumes only 5 pounds/week, could be more)
  • Press: 100

So now the hard part begins. Despite the next two days being low-calorie, low-carb,  I’m facing some very high-calorie, high-carb temptations. I’ll be going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night and Easter (aka “Chocolate Day”) on Sunday. So I need to be vigilant. I need to remember that if I decide to grab a handful of candy or some other high-carb snack that it MUST be logged. Better yet, knowing that everything MUST be logged I intend to not grab the handful in the first place.

For tomorrow, the plan is to eat about 300-400 calories of protein and fat and save the rest for dinner which will likely include some high-carb selections as well as 2 margaritas. Going to dinner with 1400 calories and 100 grams of carbs left for the day should allow me to enjoy myself and keep within my macros.

reeses2Easter will be different. Dinner will not be the problem. The problem will be the constant temptation to eat jelly beans and chocolate. I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle this other than sheer will power and gum chewing. I might take some Hoodia on that day just for extra help.