Day 87, AC Joint Injury

Getting old sucks!

At the beginning of this adventure I had a lot of pain in my right knee. This miraculously went away after 8 weeks doing of squats and apparently that’s not a coincidence. As my quads get stronger they take some of the pressure off the knees.

Then, a week after my 225 squat I popped my left hip. It seems to be almost 100% better but still a little sore depending how I move.

But now the big problem is my shoulders which are both sore and causing me pain in different ways. I haven’t worked them in the gym for 2 weeks now and after going to see the doctor this morning the verdict is that my right shoulder has a Labrum tear and my my left shoulder has an inflamed AC joint. I received a cortisone injection in the left shoulder and hope to be pain free by next week.

But now of course comes the bigger problem… How do I get back to where I was 2 weeks ago? Is it even possible to continue on the same program where 2 out of 5 exercises involve pushing? It looks like I may have to change up my lifting philosophy to focus on hypertrophy instead of strength. The doctor told me to avoid overhead pressing, benching with a bar and lifting to failure. So it looks like a whole new workout is in order. Squats and deads will prevail tho!

I have work to do…