Day 8 – I Ate a Donut and It’s Ok!

Day one of week two is here and I’m in the middle of my eating window.

The soul-sucking bastards I work with brought in 3 doze Krispy Kreme donuts this morning. But this is what IF is all about. I grabbed one, wrapped it up in a paper towel and left it on my book shelf for the after noon. I then continued to fast through the morning and my Friday workout.

Lunch started around 1:30 with some light fare, but I kept thinking about that donut and whether or not it was going to spoil my day. I calculated the calories. Considering lunch AND the donut AND a fairly large amount of popcorn tonight with the family movie I STILL have 930 calories left for dinner. That’s pretty damn good. And if I eat a very large dinner (which is doubtful) I can always cut back on the popcorn.

With this information in my arsenal, I brewed a cup of coffee and ate my donut. And here’s the punch line… I didn’t even enjoy it that much. I think sometimes the obsession with food is all about the obsession and not about the actual food. I can say that the donut was good, but it didn’t rock my universe! Perhaps this diet is muting my cravings for sweets… god I hope so!

The unofficial reading on the scale at lunchtime was 209, which is about 4 pounds lower than what it was over the weekend. I don’t trust that scale very much, so I need to replace the battery on the one at home and do so real measuring this weekend.

All in all, I’m really impressed with myself and my compliance with IF this time around. Let’s hope the enthusiasm continues.

Starting Monday I’m going to switch over to a 5/3/1 lifting program. I’ve normalized my 3 core lifts over the past month and I’m ready for a bit of structured progression. Obviously I will omit OHP lifts because of my shoulder. But doing this makes things pretty convenient since I can fit the schedule into 3 days.


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