Day 6 – I’m not hungry

As I write this post it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. I’ve spent the entire morning fasting including an hour of lifting at the gym. At 1:00 I broke my fast with an apple and two clementines. And now I’m finally starting to feel “peckish” as the Brits like to say!

I’m still pretty amazed at the results that this style of eating has had on my mental state. Yesterday I had a fairly large lunch of a turkey hoagie and a bag of chips – about 750 calories in all. But I didn’t eat it until 2pm and afterwards I was stuffed and couldn’t even fathom the idea of eating anything else until I got home for dinner. At the end of the day I estimated that I consumed about 1700-1800 calories.

Assuming I hit the gym 3 days a week (which I currently do without much difficulty), this is about 1000 calories under my maintenance. Now, trying to stay 1000 calories under maintenance without fasting until 1 or 2 pm is almost impossible for me, but with morning fasting it seems like a breeze! Maybe it’s just first week enthusiasm, but I think I could make this work long term.

Tomorrow will be a full week since I started so we’ll see if I’ve made any progress on the scale.


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