Day 4 – Something is Happening…

…it’s not weight loss yet, but it’s something.

I have successfully (and without much effort) managed to delay my first meal until about 1 pm for the past 3 days. As I write this today, I’m heading towards 11 am without much hunger. I do have a bit of a headache though.

The eating side of my 16:8 schedule hasn’t been all that healthy. Dinner on Friday and Saturday nights were both high calorie greasy sugary meals. As was my first meal of the day yesterday. Last night I calmed things down with a salad. Today I plan to eat as clean as possible.

But there is one thing I’ve noticed since starting last Friday that seems different than the last time I tried IF. I haven’t been hungry and I haven’t really craved too much junk food. It seems like the longer I go without eating the less hungry I get. And it’s only until I start eating that I remember that I’m hungry. Logic suggests that the opposite is true but I really think that eating makes you hungrier.

My approach for the past few days has been a little different than before. The first time I tried IF I set an eating schedule and tried to hit all my macros between the hours of noon and 8pm. Sometimes this schedule conflicted with itself, especially when I hadn’t hit all my macros for the day and scrambled to choke down a protein shake at 7:59 even though I wasn’t hungry. But I don’t think this approach is optimal. Instead, this time I’m just sticking to a single rule, “Delay your first meal for as long as  you can”.

Once I decide to start eating for the day, I try to eat healthy when I can and I try not to binge on anything, especially close to bedtime. But I’m not counting calories or macros. I already know what to eat and how to proportion correctly. And I’m not looking at the clock to decide if I should or shouldn’t eat. As long as I stick to the rule, I will simply eat when I’m hungry.

I’m heading to the gym today around 11:30, which should put my first meal at around 1pm. We’ll see how it goes…


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