Day 13, What Happened?

The scale is a finicky beast, reading 209 this morning! Of all the things that contribute to me abandoning a program, it’s the emotional swings of the scale. I won’t quit this time though. I just need to remember that as much as I enjoy seeing the scale go down 3 pounds overnight, I have to expect that it will go up 3 pounds overnight too!

Yesterday was the first of many diet challenges for the weekend. I took the kids to the movies and then to dinner at On the Border. In planning for this, I calculated exactly what I could eat in order to stay within my macros. But this is harder in reality than it is on paper.  I had a few too many handfuls of popcorn and a few too many chips and ended up 300 calories over, the majority coming from extra fat.

Tonight is dinner with friends, which will include drinks. My plan is to fast normally and the only eat protein and fat until dinner. We’ll see how that goes.   2015-04-03 22.59.59

In other news, I found a seriously good deal on combat crunch bars at With shipping I got 3 boxes for $75. That’s $30 cheaper than anywhere else and comes down to $2 a bar. Considering that these taste like a Nestle Crunch mixed with a Reese’s, I will be very happy to eat them for the next 6 weeks! 


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